Tweeting “Teen Witch”

The other day, I live tweeted Teen Witch. If you don’t know, Teen Witch is a glorious film from the 80s, one that I somehow managed to miss back in the day, despite the fact that I was definitely its target audience. The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know. It is currently streaming on Netflix.


Also, it is the most Eighties thing to happen ever. More Eighties than Reganomics. More Eighties than a Members Only jacket. More Eighties than The California Raisins. It is so Eighties, you guys. So. Very. Eighties.

So. I live tweeted, and I’m sure at least 3 people saw one or two of my comments. You feel left out, don’t you? Never fear. I’ve compiled the commentary in an easy-to-read fashion. (You read top to bottom instead of bottom to top. THE FUTURE IS NOW!)

This Twitter thread is for everyone. You can read it if you’ve seen the movie. You can read it while watching the movie, and try to figure out where each comment belongs. (Fun!) Or, you can save yourself the trouble of ever having to sit through the exquisitely painful Eightiesness of it all, and just read the tweets. They stand on their own, I swear. Oh, but watch Teen Witch’s opening credits no matter what. Because wow.

So then. Enjoy. TEEN WITCH TWEETSPair with: an Original New York Seltzer (vanilla creme), out of a Gizmo thermos. $_35