It’s a Wonderful Life Trivia Answers

If you missed the quiz, it is HERE. Go take it! But be forewarned –  I’m a tad bit obsessed with the film. So it isn’t particularly easy.


So, then. here are the answers!

  1. When a guy taunts the young man to open the pool beneath the gym floor, he says, “What’s the matter, ___________, jealous? (Fill in the blank. It is a joke, but it also happens to be the character’s last name.)  Othello
  2. The actor who played the young man in the above question was way more famous for another role. What was that role?  Alfalfa (Little Rascals)
  3. When young Mary says “You like all the boys,” how does young Violet respond?  “What’s wrong with that?”
  4. What is Sam Wainwright’s catchphrase? “Hee Haw!”
  5. Young George Bailey’s druggist boss almost poisons some children by accident. What disease do they have? Diphtheria 
  6. Uncle Billy is drunk after the party celebrating Harry Bailey’s marriage. The true story is that after Thomas Mitchell (the actor playing Uncle Billy) exited his scene with Jimmy Stewart, a set hand accidently knocked over a whole props table, making a huge clamor. Mitchell improvised a line from off camera, and the whole thing stayed in the movie. What is that line? “I’m all right! I’m aaalllll right!” (A phrase you can hear in my household anytime someone drops something in the next room.)
  7. Uncle Billy has some unusual pets. Name three of them. Squirrel, owl, monkey, crow, and various other birds. And a dog – but not a 3-legged space dog or anything. Just a dog. 
  8. When Mary Hatch asks George whether or not he likes Harry’s new wife Ruth, a grumpy George replies “Of course I like her, she’s a ________!” Peach!
  9. George steals a football uniform for himself after he falls in the pool. What number is on the jersey? 3
  10. What is Mary Hatch’s brother’s name? Marty
  11. When Mary loses her robe, what kind of bush does she hide in? Hydrangea 
  12. What is Clarence the Angel’s favorite book? Tom Sawyer
  13. What does George’s dad die of? A stroke (Which, according to George, was indirectly brought on by Mr. Potter. Stupid Mr. Potter.)
  14. After his experience with Clarence, what three things indicate that George Bailey is back in the real world? It is snowing, his mouth is bleeding, Zuzu’s petals are in his pocket.
  15. What two Muppets are named after characters from the movie? Ernie and Bert after Ernie the taxi driver and Bert the cop (although some say this is just a coincidence)
  16. Mary makes a picture that says “George Bailey Lassos the Moon.” In the course of the movie, what else does she say he lassos? Stork! 
  17. What is George’s dream job? Architect – city planner – “building things”
  18. After Nick kicks George and Clarence out of his bar, he rings his cash register repeatedly, and says what? (6 words) “Get me, I’m givin’ out wings!”
  19. What award does Harry Bailey receive? Presidential Medal of Honor
  20. What is the name of the Bailey’s housekeeper? Annie
  21. After the run on the banks, how much of George and Mary’s money is left? 2 dollars
  22. Potter offers George Bailey a yearly income so large it makes George drop his cigar. What is the amount? $20,000/year
  23. When George comes home in despair after Uncle Billy loses the $8000, his daughter is playing the same carol over and over again on the piano. What is it? “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”
  24. George and Mary’s son is writing a Christmas pageant. What decidedly non-Christmasy character has a part in his play? Frankenstein (‘s monster)
  25. What is the name of Zuzu’s teacher whom George abuses over the phone? Mrs. Welch
  26. According to one of the head angels, Clarence has the IQ of what? A rabbit
  27. What is the name of the house George and Mary move into? The Old Granville House
  28. (Two parts) Who discovered a mostly-unknown Gloria Grahame, the actress who played Violet Biggs? What major musical role did she go on to play? Jimmy Stewart / Ado Annie in Oklahoma
  29. Frank Capra had to fight the censors, because the ending of the film wasn’t up to code. What didn’t he do to one of his characters that was against the rules? (And which character?) Mr. Potter goes unpunished for stealing the $8,000. According to the Hays Code, all criminals must pay for their crimes. 
  30. Name 2 of the 3 buildings George says “merry Christmas” to at the end of the film. Movie House, Emporium, Building and Loan.                                                                                                                                      So…. How did you do?



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